The Paramount

Project details

Client Related
Design David Brenner
Installation Habitat Horticulture
General Contractor Novo Construction
Architect Marmol Radziner
Dimensions 14' wide x 7' high
Location 680 Mission St, San Francisco, CA
Photography Garry Belinsky

The Paramount is a luxury apartment complex just outside San Francisco’s financial district. First opened in 2002, a renovation of the lobby was completed in 2017, and it was here that Habitat Horticulture was brought in to inject a dose of greenery into the new space.

The resulting living wall stands in a cut-out, recessed from the wall. The wall’s bursts of green in a variety of shades are a striking addition to the warm whites and off-whites of the lobby interior. Lighting is an important element – with a warm, strong light that makes the greens pop even more than they already would, complementing the lighting in the rest of the space.

Planting swathes come in and out from behind the wall laterally, creating the sense that the wall is growing outward from parts unseen. Whites, bright greens and darker greens dominate, for a calming palette that contrasts with the warmer marble colors of the rest of the lobby. It is a focal point for the space, the first thing residents see when they walk in, but it blends seamlessly, helping to create a sense of harmony – a simple, refined interior which is nonetheless full of life.  


Interior, Commercial