Tesla Factory

Project details

A flash of Green in a Futuristic Factory

Tesla Motors
Design David Brenner
Installation Habitat Horticulture
Dimensions 2' dia. x 20' h
Completion Date August 2014
Location Fremont, CA

For Tesla’s main production facility in Fremont, Habitat Horticulture was tasked with building a living installation for the workers on the factory floor. That meant that rather than a statement piece for visitors and clients, it should live in the midst of the production line and play off the otherwise sterile color scheme of the space. The result is a brilliant column of green that is in harmony with the space even as it provides a stark contrast.

Here the design called for something especially lush, that would feel like a piece of nature in a space otherwise devoid of it. Habitat Horticulture used compact plant species, exclusively in shades of green, to stick closely to the form of the column. The column transforms an otherwise austere, expansive interior full of whites, silvers, blacks and reds, fundamentally altering the feeling of the space, providing a warm, organic-feeling design element for employees to enjoy and benefit from.

The wall presented a unique design challenge – it wasn’t possible to attach the wall directly to the I-beam, so the team had to figure out a way to support the wall without drilling into the structural column. What’s more, the team decided to illuminate the plants with the same lights that are used to do final inspections on Tesla’s cars – which as it turned out have a high level of photosynthetic activity.


Interior, Commercial