Project details

Client #SLACK
Design David Brenner
Installation Habitat Horticulture
Interior Design Studio O+A
Location San Francisco, CA
Photography Garrett Rowland


In one of the most creative executions for enhancing a workplace environment, Habitat Horticulture collaborated with Studio O+A to provide concept design and interior plantscaping on all nine floors of Slack's new headquarters in San Francisco.

Taking inspiration from the West Coast’s Pacific Crest Trail, each floor represents various types of wilderness found along the illustrious terrain. From lush ferns, grassy meadows, and cacti floor-by-floor execution represents a variety of landscapes and botanical contexts found along the journey from Baja to the Pacific Northwest.  


Forest Floor

Lakes & Streams

Rocky Desert

Lakes & Streams


Crater & Volcanoes



As early collaborators to enhance the biophilia on each floor, Habitat Horticulture worked to ensure that all planters and living walls were designed to thrive and become holistically integrated with the interior architecture.

The final result is an artistic expression of the Trail which represents the physical link between Slack’s offices in Vancouver and San Francisco, uniting teams through a natural context over digital connectivity.  

Check out the video here.


Interior, Commercial