Living Double Helix

Project details

Living Double Helix Prototype

Client California Academy of Sciences
Design David Brenner
Installation Habitat Horticulture
Dimensions 15’ h x 6’ w
Location San Francisco, CA

The Living Double Helix was created in effort to provide the California Academy of Sciences with an exhibit emblematic of a "Living Museum". Modeled after one of nature's most elegantly complex structures, this pieces serves as a truly unique living and breathing introduction to the foundations of life on earth.

In collaboration with the biologic mathematician, F. Javier Arsuaga Ph.D, structural engineer David Kane S.E and sculpture artist, David Naisuler of Stoller Studio, we were able to create a proportionally accurate living double helix for the California Academy of Sciences foyer. The rotating and suspended sculpture was draped with California native plant species found throughout the Bay Area’s woodland plant community.  


Interior, Commercial