Project details

Client Crescent Heights
Design David Brenner
Installation Habitat Horticulture
General Contractor Build Group
Landscape Architect Cliff Lowe Associates
Dimensions 90' high x 10'-6" wide & 64' high x 13'-3" wide
Location San Francisco, CA
Photographer Garry Belinsky

These two towering living walls help ground Jasper’s new luxury apartment building on top of San Francisco’s, Rincon Hill while providing commuters a glimpse of greenery. The walls are comprised of around 10,200 plants and 12 different species, many of them flowering, which attract hummingbirds, bees and other pollinators. Habitat Horticulture had to re-engineer and reinforce our attachment points for this project to ensure the plants and system could withstand 100mph potential winds on the windiest hill in San Francisco.  Habitat Horticulture worked as a subcontractor directly under Build Group to complete this project from start to finish in a design-build capacity. 

Taking advantage of the height and the fact that this is one of the windiest hills in San Francisco, the intent was to create a composition that looked as  if it was soaring in and out of the canvas and moving with the wind. This was achieved through species repetition, bold contrasting colors, and grass like textures that create dynamic visualizations even with the slightest breeze. Furthermore, as the wall is mostly shaded during the afternoon, brighter and bolder leaf colors were selected such as the yellow Carex oshimensis ‘everillo’, the blue Senecio serpens and red Heuchera ‘peach flambe’ so that the wall appears vibrant during even the foggiest of San Francisco days.


Exterior, Commercial