DPR Construction

Project details

Client DPR Construction
Design David Brenner
Installation Habitat Horticulture
Architect FME - Jennifer Harding
Completion Date July 2014
Dimensions 12' wide x 16' high, and 9' wide x 6' high
Location San Francisco, CA

DPR Construction is constantly pushing the envelope in zero net energy (ZNE) buildings, which use only as much energy as they generate from renewable resources – so it’s no surprise that for its San Francisco office, which serves as a ‘living lab’ for ZNE technologies, the company wanted a set of striking living walls to fill out the office interior.

Habitat Horticulture installed several living walls for DPR, working alongside the architect to help create inviting spaces that would also have a restorative effect on employees. Studies have shown that plant life enhances staff efficiency and performance as well as physical well-being, so it was important that the walls be a central and integral part of the offices. Entering the building, a two-sided lobby wall sets the tone right away – the reverse side facing onto the cafe and break room just behind. The feature wall reaches up to the second floor, designed so that employees can see the wall from a variety of vantage points and perspectives. A bench was built directly in front of the living walls to allow people to take a minute up close and in contact with the greenery while also concealing the recirculating system below. Adjacent to the feature living wall is a custom ‘living wine bar’ with a flowing strip of greenery running through it.

The design pulls in a number of plant species with red and blue hues, meant to evoke DPR’s corporate colors while also bringing a distinct feeling to each wall. The walls use a recirculating water system, and Habitat Horticulture’s proprietary material made from recycled plastics to house the plants. These living installations help to convey the company’s ethos, calling to mind forward thinking, energy efficiency and a desire to build in harmony with the natural environment.


Interior, Commercial