60 Wall St.

Project details

Client Paramount Group
Services Living Wall Schematic Design through Construction Documentation
Architect KPF
Location New York City, New York


Habitat Horticulture’s first living wall in New York will be the largest indoor living wall in North America. Measuring 100 feet tall and 80 feet wide, it will span the full length of the block within the vast public atrium of 60 Wall Street’s Manhattan skyscraper. Paramount Group, the owner of 60 Wall Street, selected Habitat Horticulture to design a series of awe-inspiring living walls and suspended stalactites as a part of a $250 million renovation of its iconic tower. In addition to the main living wall, which will be visible from the street behind a glass curtain, the design includes eight 35-foot, suspended living cylinders, and multiple other smaller living walls throughout the 47-story skyscraper’s public spaces.

In designing the living wall at 60 Wall Street, principal designer David Brenner took inspiration from both the earth’s natural beauty and the elegance of human engineering. The wall design was heavily influenced by the rainbow eucalyptus, a boldly colorful tree found natively in the rainforests of Indonesia and the Philippines, and “Manhattanhenge,” a solar phenomenon where the setting or rising sun is framed by high-rise buildings, illuminating Manhattan’s east-west streets in a blaze of warm colors.

The center of the living wall will contain a burst of brightly colored plants arranged in vertical arrays that mimic the sun’s rising and setting. Tucked within the lush, vertical striations are brightly colored swathes reminiscent of the vivid patterning of a rainbow eucalyptus’s bark.

As viewers approach the wall, those streaks of colorful life will gradually reveal themselves as individual plantings. Over 60 different plant species will thrive within the space, creating a vibrant and lush environment designed to both calm and reinvigorate visitors.

The wall’s design draws the eye upward to the massive skylight cut into the tower’s podium 100 feet overhead. For this project, Habitat Horticulture collaborated with world-renowned architecture firm Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF), which designed the skylight as part of its reimagining of the tower’s atrium to provide natural illumination for the space and ample sunlight to support plant growth.