An Urban Ecosystem

Project details

Client Align Real Estate
Design David Brenner
Installation Habitat Horticulture
Architect Woods Bagot
General Contractor Build Group
Dimensions 48' high x 25' wide
Location San Francisco, CA
Photographer Garry Belinsky

Once a hub for the shipbuilding industry, the dockside neighborhood of Dogpatch is now home to trendy bars and cafes.Woods Bagot designed the apartment block to take advantage of California's balmy climate, with an outdoor courtyard and individual balconies. Open pedestrian bridges link different parts of the building and allow the breeze to pass through. The living wall contains 13 species of plants, many of them chosen to attract local pollinators. On any given day you can find honeybees, moths and bumblebees buzzing around this wall all at once. One of the biggest challenges was trying to model the reflective lighting coming off the glazing which creates hot spots across the wall that could potentially scald the plant’s leaves. Our approach thoroughly examined the micro-climates, potential growth rates, and lighting conditions of the installation space to ensure that an appropriate species is specified for each spot on the wall.


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Exterior, Commercial, Residential